Cloud Pillow - Free Pattern

Cloud Pillow - Free Pattern

Cloud Pillow - Free Pattern


If you enjoyed my last free pattern - the Heart Pillow - you are also going to want to add this one to your collection! Another great beginners pattern, quick to make and simple basic stitches!



You will just need to know how to do a single crochet stitch (Sc) and a half double crochet stitch. (Hdc). The other stitch is a Hdc2tog, or Half Double Crochet 2 Stitches together.

This is a decrease stitch and you work it as follows;

Half double crochet 2 together;

*YO, Insert hook, YO, pull up loop, YO, insert hook into next stitch, YO, Pull up loop, YO and pull through all loops on hook*



As with the Heart Pillow, I love the fact you can really use any yarn you want, it will obviously just impact the final size if you use a heavier or lighter yarn. For this pattern I have used 2 strands of 8ply/DK/Number 3 acrylic yarn held together. This creates the equivalent of a Bulky/12Ply/Number 5 yarn. There are 2 main reason why I used 2 strands of 8Ply instead of a single strand of 12ply.

1. I had lots of 8Ply in my stash to use up. It is the most common yarn weight here in Australia so it is much easier to source, cheaper and more colour options.

2. I find that holding 2 strands together creates a stiffer, more dense feel which I find helps the pillow hold its shape more!



The construction of the pillow itself is very straight forward. It is simply a case of making 2x heart shapes, which you join together around the edges, filling with fiber fill before closing. You want to stuff the pillow quite firmly to keep the shape. 

I use Excel Fibre Hobby Fill which you can get at Spotlight Stores. You would find similar products at most art and craft supply stores. 
The medium size and shape of this pillow means it can be used in different ways. Its a good size to go on a toddler bed, or with the flat base, it also makes a cute decor or shelf item!

The full pattern is below for free, however if you prefer a printable PDF without the Ad's, You can get the download via the below links

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Cloud Pillow


  • Height – 31cm

  • Width – 50cm

Gauge: Hdc Stitch, 6mm hook

  • Stiches per 10cm – 12 stitches across.
  • Rows per 10cm – 9.5 rows.


  • Yarn; 8Ply/Number 3/DK weight yarn double stranded. Approx. 300m. You could also substitute for a chunky/bulky weight yarn single stranded.
  • Hook; 6mm or hook to match the yarn weight you are using
  • Yarn Needle
  • PolyFibre Filling/Hobby Fill
  • Stitchmarkers - I have some for sale here

Stitches - US terms;

Sc; Single Crochet
Ch; Chain
Hdc; Half Double Crochet
SlSt; Slip Stitch
Hdc2tog; Half double crochet 2 together


Chain stitches at the end of the row are not included in the stitch count. A number infront of a stitch – e.g 2Hdc – means you work 2 Hdc stitches in the one stitch. A number following a stitch – e.g Hdc 2 – means work a Hdc in each of the next 2 stitches. Stitches in brackets are worked into the same stitch. E.g (Dc, Ch 2, Dc). Sequences between asterisks are repeated the number of times shown – e.g *2Sc, Sc* x5

Stitch count is included in brackets after the row instructions.

Below is a chart showing the shaping, you can use this as a guide if you prefer over the written instructions.



Lets Get Started!


Cloud Panel – Make 2

Crocheting with 2 strands of 8ply yarn together and 6mm hook, Ch 3.

Row 1 – Ch 51, turn. (51)

Row 2 – 2Hdc in 3rd Ch from hook, Hdc next 47, 2Hdc in last Ch, Ch 2, turn. (51)



Row 3 – 2Hdc, Hdc 49, 2Hdc, Ch 2, turn. (53)

Row 4 – 2Hdc, Hdc 51, 2Hdc, Ch 2, turn. (55)

Row 5 – 2Hdc, Hdc 54, ch2, turn. (56)

Row 6 – 2Hdc, Hdc 54, 2Hdc, ch2, turn. (58)

Row 7 – 10 - Hdc 58, Ch 2, turn. (58)

Row 11 – Hdc 56, Hdc2tog, Ch 2, turn. (57)

Row 12 – Hdc2tog, Hdc 55, Ch 2, turn. (56)

Row 13 – Hdc2tog, Hdc 50, Hdc2tog, Ch 2, turn. (54)

Row 14 – Hdc 2tog, Hdc2tog, Hdc 50, Ch 2, turn (52)

Row 15 – Hdc2tog, Hdc 46, Hdc2tog, Hdc2tog, Ch 2, turn (49)

Row 16 – Hdc2tog, Hdc2tog, Hdc 43, Hdc2tog, Ch 2, turn (46)

Row 17 – Hdc2tog, Hdc 43, 2Hdc, Ch 2, turn (47)

Row 18 – Hdc 44, Hdc2tog, Ch 2, turn (45)

Row 19 – Hdc2tog, Hdc2tog, Hdc 40, 2Hdc, Ch 2, turn (44)

Row 20 – Hdc 42, Hdc2tog, Ch 2, turn (43)

Row 21 – 2Hdc, Hdc 42, Ch 2, turn. (44)

Row 22 – Hdc 44, Ch 2, turn. (44)

Row 23 - Hdc 42, Hdc2tog, Ch 2, turn (43)

Row 24a – Hdc2tog, Hdc 14, Hdc2tog, Ch2, turn (16)


** The side facing up when working Row 24a before turning the work will be called side ‘A’. Use a stitch marker to note this side.**

Row 25a – Hdc2tog, Hdc2tog, Hdc 10, Hdc2tog, Ch 2, turn (13)

Row 26a – Hdc2tog, Hdc 7, Hdc2tog, Hdc2tog, Ch 2, turn (10)

Row 27a – Hdc2tog, Hdc2tog, Hdc 2, Hdc2tog, Hdc2tog, tie off (6)

With side ‘A’ facing up, Join yarn in 19st stitch from right of row 23.


Row 24b –Hdc2tog, Hdc 21, Hdc2tog, Ch 2, turn. (23)

Row 25b – Hdc 21, Hdc2tog, Ch 2, turn (22)

Row 26b – Hdc2tog, Hdc 18, Hdc2tog, Ch 2, turn (20)

Row 27b – Hdc 20, Ch 2, turn (20)

Row 28b – Hdc2tog, Hdc 16, Hdc2tog, Ch 2, turn (18)

Row 29b – Hdc2tog, Hdc 12, Hdc2tog, Hdc2tog, Ch 2, turn (15)

Row 30b – Hdc2tog, Hdc2tog, Hdc 7, Hdc2tog, Hdc2tog, Ch 2, turn (11)

Row 31b - Hdc2tog, Hdc2tog, Hdc 3, Hdc2tog, Hdc2tog, tie off. (7)


Weave in all the ends.

Lay the 2 clouds on top of each other, both with side ‘A’ facing up. Turning the clouds upside down, join clouds together about 1/3 of the way across the bottom edge from the left with a Sc, still working with 2 strands of yarn together.

Remove your stitch markers and Sc evenly around the edge of the clouds until you get 1/3 of the way across the bottom edge from the right. You should still have a decent size gap in the center of the bottom edge.

Pull out a large loop so as to not loose any stitches and remove hook (or use a stitch holder if you have one).

Fill the heart up with polyfibre fill, using your hand to evenly distribute the filling. Reinsert your hook and tighten. Continue to join clouds together with Sc stitches and join to the first Sc with a Slip Stitch. Tie off and weave in ends.


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