About Us


I created Peach&Paige after my third child was born when I struggled to find children's knitwear which was trendy and modern. Originally offering my designs as Made to Order, I realised that designing was my true passion and started to offer my patterns as PDF. No longer offing Made to Order, I can now focus on growing my range of items, and finding my place in the designing community. My patterns are now selling worldwide and I'm exited to see what Peach&Paige can become.



Why Crochet/Knits?
I learnt to knit at the age of 10 by my Nanna, and learnt to crochet at age 13 by my Auntie. Having worked with many other mediums over time, there is something that always brings me back to yarn. There is something I love about the way you can make a mistake and just unravel and start again like nothing happened, no waste, perfection. Warmth, flexibility, durability. To be able to take a 'grandma' craft and create items which are cute, fashionable and modern. Handcrafted with great care to last a lifetime.