Pattern Testers Wanted - 2022

Thankyou for your interest in becoming a pattern tester for 2022. This is a great opportunity to get exclusive access to new patterns as well as helping me to ensure the patterns I create are accurate, true to sizing and easy to follow. 

If you would like to be a pattern tester for upcoming knit or crochet patterns, please fill out the below to be put in the database. When I have a new pattern to test, I will select participants from that list and ask if you would like to participate. 

Applicants need to re-apply each year if they wish to remain on the database. This ensures the database stays up to date with interested candidates. 

By filling out this application form, you agree to following;

 - If you are a selected pattern tester, you will complete the project, send through photos (minimum 3, good quality photos) and any notes by the deadline set for that project.

 - You will share photos of your work in progress/finished items on social media (only if you have a crochet/knit based page).

 - You will provide feedback on sizing accuracy, typo errors, counting errors, unclear instructions, approx amount of yarn used. 

Any photos you supply may be used by myself in order to advertise the pattern, with credit for the photo given to yourself. 

You can request to be removed from the pattern testers list at any time. 

If you are selected as a pattern tester and meet the above requirements, you will get a free complete copy of the final pattern as well as a discount code for purchase of other patterns!